Apollo News

We just secured the new Swimtastic facility in Auckland!

An artist’s impression of the new Swimtastic facility that we recently won and construction will be underway very soon.

New facility in Hamilton for Waikato Valley Chocolates

Another great read from FoodTech magazine below on Waikato Valley Chocolates new food processing facility we’ve just finished up in Hamilton Check out PAGE 10 below..

We’re making tracks at the new QEII site

A small update on the new QEII Recreation and Sports Centre in Christchurch East.     Check out the old site after the earthquake so you can get your bearings.  

You cannot miss this large scale warehouse for Sorted Logistics

Another fantastic write-up by Canterbury Build on stage 2 of our project for Sorted Logistics. Read their write up here on how Sorted have brought their 9 original sites to one place at the new Waterloo Business Park.  

We are fit for everything

Canterbury Today approached us to do a quick write up on our boot camps as they happened to stumble across our team laughing away one day whilst sweating it out together in the car park…   Check out the full article in the Canterbury Today magazine here